Buy a Master thesis…. Buy a thesis Is it possible?

Buy thesis, essay

Calm down, calm down … Let’s not go crazy!

Yes, it is true that in recent months we have heard in all media, radio, television, internet, etc; that certain politicians have bought a thesis or even the title of the master.

There are speculations that this type of fraudulent acts exist, and that companies such as ours carry out the purchase and sale of thesis or essay.

It has to be clarified that a student of master or degree, must work and strive during the years of their training to be able to obtain the university or postgraduate degree that is being carried out. And, that said title is only granted by the university where the student has enrolled.

However, if it is true that among our services is the help of writing essay or thesis. This service consists in carrying out a continuous follow-up of the end-of-master work or end-of-grade work, specifically the follow-up in the drafting of the essay or thesis draft. As well as, the preparation of the defense of the work of end of degree or work of order of master.

Your Work in Time as a private entity has limited the ability to sell a university degree, and therefore that the student can buy the essay or thesis.

The price of a thesis or essay that the student pays is the help service of the draft project. Afterwards, said student will be able to carry out the actions he deems appropriate with respect to the work that was carried out for a period of time, that is, we as an entity once we have finished our work, we are exempt from the facts that are made with the essay or thesis.