Guidelines on How to Write My Argumentative Essay Perfectly.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that a student writes to argue about the sides of an issue. The paper attempts to persuade the reader to support the writer’s point of view about specific topics. It is required for one to carry out their research and evaluate the evidence they found to support their arguments. It becomes quite tricky between choosing sides and dealing with evidence. The essay plays a considerable role in your marks. One should write it carefully and invest a lot of time on it. This article explains how to write an argumentative essay with the topic provided. It also deals with how to overcome the confusion on choosing sides with your writing.

What is required before you begin writing the essay?

Well, we all have dreams of pursuing higher education. this is because most of us want to be established career men and women in various fields. To achieve this, we apply to various learning institutions. Within these institutions, we are bound to undergo different assignments including writing argumentative essays. Argumentative essays required you to find ideal situations to support the thesis topic given. You must logically explain the points stated but still argue out the difference between the points. This way, it becomes more straightforward for the reader. One should know the structure of an argumentative paper. For the format, most professors give out what form to use when writing the essay. Hence a little bit of research on the topic is conducted.

A good argumentative essay should take such a structure:

  • Introduction

The first paragraph, mostly known as the introductory paragraph, should provide a little background information for your debate. One should outline their research examples and findings and state the thesis they chose to work with.

  1. Thesis topic

It should always be stated in the first paragraph. Mostly it’s a one-line sentence that explains your main point and argument.

  1. Body

The body should comprise more than three paragraphs for the argument to be brought out. Each section should deal with a different point and the evidence to support it. The body paragraphs should also relate to the main topic, that is, the thesis statement. This helps the reader to see your point. The body paragraph is where you sell out your opinion. You need to discuss the opposing side and explain why you are against it. What are the differences between the side you support and the side you are against? These paragraphs should be convincing.

  1. Conclusion

 In the last paragraph, the conclusion should give a summary of your essay and restate your thesis. It is usually advised to use the conclusion to get through the reader’s emotions. The paragraph could give a view of your resolution of the issue.

To write a great argumentative essay, you could easily take these three steps. First, turn the thesis statement to a question. This way, it becomes easier for you to find points to support your argument. Write each moment as the introduction of your body paragraphs. Explain and keep your main points. Quite easy? Try these steps today and submit a quality paper.


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