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The Final Degree Project, essay, is a compulsory work, which is done in the final phase of the study plan, is aimed at the evaluation of competences associated with the university degree. The final master’s project, thesis, is a work designed to demonstrate the competences acquired throughout the training program and to demonstrate the achievement of the global objectives set by each master’s degree. Both are necessary to obtain the corresponding titles.

When you have to write your Final Degree Project or Final Master’s Project (thesis), it is advisable to follow a series of steps to be able to do a good job and obtain a high grade.

Pick a topic

The first step is to choose the theme. It is very important to choose an appropriate topic that will excite you since your final year project or master’s thesis will take many hours.

It is very important to know where you have to look for information. Information is the basis for your work, therefore it is necessary to know how to use the various electronic resources such as: databases, e-books, electronic journals etc … And know the sources of information that are most appropriate depending on the area of ​​knowledge of the work you have chosen. This information must be of quality and proven.

The organization is basic to advance correctly with your thesis, essay. After having made a compilation of all the information, it is necessary to make a selection of data, discarding those that do not conform to the topic you have chosen.

The writing of the final project or master’s degree has to be done following the guidelines and guidelines set by your university, according to the type of project that has been chosen (research work, technical project, theoretical work). The writing is of vital importance, so do not forget that if the format does not conform to the guidelines the work will not be accepted.

The bibliography should be included at the end of the work, it will be cited according to the style of appointment that has been established by your university. It is necessary to quote the text and include the bibliographical references that you have used, since it is the way to contrast the work, giving rigor and credibility to the project carried out.

The conclusions section is very important, every essay or thesis has to end with a section of conclusions. Said section must serve as a summary of the preparation of the essay or thesis. The conclusions allow to demonstrate that the methodology and the data are adequate to achieve the objectives of the project.

The date of delivery is of vital importance, since any work that is delivered outside the deadlines established by your university will not be evaluated.

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