How to overcome the public defense of your thesis?

How to defend your essay or thesis

In the defense of your Final Degree Project (essay) or Master Final Project (thesis), it is where you have to demonstrate the competences acquired throughout your training.

It is essential to make a good presentation in Powerpoint or Prezi, with a few slides containing an organized and accurate information. Keep in mind that if you use the latest version of these applications it is preferable to take your laptop to avoid incompatibility problem.

Make a few slides, with concise information since the court has previously read your essay or thesis and wants to see a syntax of it. It is advisable to add explanatory photographs that accompany the presentation. Be innovative and creative when preparing your exhibition, as it is valued.

The exhibition for the defense of your essay or thesis must not exceed the time set by the court, it is very important to be accurate over time since a long and boring exposure can have negative effects when evaluating your work.

It is highly recommended to use the same typeface throughout the exhibition; use uppercase and lowercase letters, italics, bold letters or words in different colors to highlight the main ideas.

Avoid reading the presentation or reciting it by heart, be natural. Check spelling and typos, as well as accents and punctuation.

It is advisable to practice the presentation the days before the exhibition, practicing aloud to calculate the time it will take, as well as to improve the expression and rhythm.

Very important, at the end of the presentation, thank the audience for the attention given and tell the members of the court that you are happy to answer all the questions that have arisen throughout your presentation.